Learn From Tebow – Stand for Something!

Critics Bite at Tim Tebow the Boston Herald headline reads. The Herald is talking about Tebow’s sloppy workouts at the Senior Bowl. He’s skipping passes on the ground, overthrowing on out patterns, fumbling snaps from the center. According to CBS Sports Tebow spent the last two weeks training with quarterback legend Zeke Bratkowski in Franklin, Tennessee. Learning a new throwing motion is likely the reason behind his less than stellar performance. Anyone who’s taken a golf lesson can tell you that when trying to implement something new, you may get worse before you get better. However Tebow has other criticisms to deal with beyond those who are scrutinizing his “elongated release.”

The Senior Bowl is nothing compared to what lies ahead. Another headline reads Tim Tebow’s ad Draws Howls of Protests. According to Doug Robinson of the Desert News Tebow has agreed to do a Super Bowl advertisement in which his mother talks about how she had a disease while she was pregnant with Tim Tebow. And how her doctor advised her to have an abortion. Mrs. Tebow declined to follow that advice and gave birth to a baby who became one of the greatest college quarterbacks in history. Much of the reaction has been volatile and the ad hasn’t even run yet. From the Desert News:

— Tebow needs to stick to playing ball and shut the *#&$! up on preaching.

— … just another one of those James Dobson, Kool-Aid drinking, American Taliban that endorse a rewriting of our Constitution to turn this country into a Christian theocracy.

— Give him a religous show on Sunday morning so I can ignore it. And him.

— Tebow’s displays of religious paranoia and Christian-based brainwashing is an egotistical cry for attention. “Look at me, I am perfect, follow my thousand year old carbon copy belief system.

— T-Bow, don’t do it! Just play the game you love for now and go into politics after the NFL!

Your Life:

Tim Tebow should be commended for speaking out in support of life. But I think the take-away for you and for me goes beyond the pro-life cause. John 1:14 says that Jesus was full of grace and truth. Like Jesus, I need to be full of grace and truth. Like Jesus, you need to be full of grace and truth. Jesus attracted people with his grace. He loved people. He cared about people. But He also, most typically in a gracious way, spoke the truth. By all means be gracious. But by all means speak the truth graciously, in love. Stand for something. In Revelation 3:15 Jesus said, “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!” Stand for something! Be gracious but also, speak God’s truth, graciously.

God bless Tim Tebow.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14

4 thoughts on “Learn From Tebow – Stand for Something!

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  3. What we should stand for is the gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing else. I am opposed to abortion, but the pro-life message is not the gospel because it is concerned with temporal, earthly life. The real pro-life message is the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, because that message is what gives you eternal life. And I feel pretty confident in saying that were Tim Tebow giving a Biblical gospel message, CBS would not run it!

    • I agree Job, CBS likely would not run an ad that shared the Gospel. I also believe that furthering the gospel is every Christian’s #1 priority. BTW, we can probably agree that Tebow has done plenty of that. However, I also believe that by God’s design certain people are called to share different messages in different ways. I applaud Tebow’s sharing of the Pro-Life message.

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