Peter John Courson Update: God Is Good

My mind was totally blown when I watched this video of Peter John Courson during the Applegate Christian Fellowship Thanksgiving Eve service. If you watch it you’ll see him shortly after the 5:20 mark. Considering his condition 6-7 weeks ago, this is really amazing.

Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer makes a difference.

God is good.

Click here to watch the Applegate Fellowship Thanksgiving Eve service video.

9 thoughts on “Peter John Courson Update: God Is Good

  1. I praise our Lord for touching Peter John in such a miraculous way. I know the lord has plans to use pastor Peter in incredible ways.

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  3. Indeed, He has been good from our beginning until our end………….even when we can’t understand the purpose for the difficult times.
    I watched the video and I too was blown away when Peter John spoke, and I was in tears just thanking our Great Physician for what He has done for that family.
    He loves His people, and even those who do not know Him; I pray every night for those across this planet to be called by our Father. Many are called; but sadly few are chosen.

      • Hi-

        Thank you for the few details about what happened to Peter-John. Periodically I check in wherever he’s preaching (for some time at Capo Beach Calvary and most recently at Applegate) to listen and make sure he’s well. Just today I noted that 9/20 was his last sermon at Applegate and thought- Oh, God! Is he okay?- and that it would most likely be because of his intestinal problems.

        I was just listening to his dad preach on Proverbs 22, and he shared about the brain surgery– Pete was there– and I felt desperate to hear what had happened.

        Thank you for posting. I’m relieved that he seems to be okay. There are some people who I’ve never met, who I will probably never meet on this side of heaven, who God has put on my heart. For whatever reason, Peter-John is one of them.

        Thanks again + God bless

          • Hi-
            Yes, I’ve been praying and I’ll continue to- and with my church as well. I just have to say, I listened to some of Peter-John’s ‘Rogue Grace’ program from December 3, and I have been bawling and rejoicing and praising God– it is truly a miracle. It’s a miracle, a miracle, a miracle!!! Just to hear him, sounding like his old self, and chatting with his wonderful pa– oh, Lord, God, thank you- its a miracle! Beautiful.

            Merry Christmas, Kurt 🙂

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