Use any content originated on this site, anyway you like as long as:

  1. You use it to help people follow Jesus more closely.
  2. You don’t charge for it.

No attribution required.

You might call this: “Christian Creative Commons”

8 Comments on “Permissions

  1. Thank you Kurt! I had planned to contact you about using your articles in Christian GrandfatherMagazine. God Bless you brother!

  2. Wow, thank God for this website and articles. May I use some of your articles to share it to other youths specially on the topic of “Sexual Temptations”. I am also a youth leader in my church Jesus Christ the Master Builder Ministries located here in the Philippines and I am so blessed to guide every youth to find their purpose and to serve God well according to the Spirit and Word of God. May God bless us all and His face shinning in our lives.

    • Absolutely! Use anything you like Biel. I pray our Father will fill you and your students with His Holy Spirit and lead you in the way of Jesus.

  3. continues to select some of your excellent articles for translation to the Spanish language, and freely publishes them for Spanish-speakers.

  4. Awesome – the way it should be & will go to good use in the women’s shelter!

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