This Is Success (part 2)


Just a few days ago I posted what I believe to be God’s definition of success. Today I thought I’d take a break from our journey through the Gospel of John and offer my reasons for believing in that definition. This is how I think God defines success for anyone who identifies as a Christian: Continue reading

This Is Success

Friends in Heaven - No attribution required pixabay

This is success:

Loving Jesus well and loving people well (including the stranger).


Jesus And The 5 Love Languages: Chapter 16 (rp)


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What The Spirit Of Truth Shared With Me Personally

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One of the Most Disrespected Dismissed Discounted Attributes of Christian Character

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The Way The Holy Spirit Works

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Things I Heard In Church: One of the most helpful teachings ever about the Trinity


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That Time When Jesus Said We’re Better Off Without Him



Image of Dove via Jacques Caffin – with permission.

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You Harm Yourself When You Do This: Suffering Part 2

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