The Most Autobiographical Blog Post I Ever Wrote

A Man Broken

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Maybe the best thing said to you by anyone ever


God Loves You 2

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The Ten Most Read Blog Posts of 2019


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The Best Person Ever

Family Thanksgetting Walk 2019

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If You’re Going Through Something Hard Right Now, This Is For You

Man in mud smiling via Buckley Air Force Base - labeled for reuse on Google Images

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So This Is Happening

1106 Design Love Like Jesus Book CoverI was leaving church one night after a Bible study and I was confronted or challenged by someone in the parking lot. That confrontation led to an obsession. Continue reading

Dreams and Goals are Great But . . .


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The Man With The Thanksgiving Journal (Things I heard in church)

Writing via Wiki Commons by DavideSapienza_pen&paperThe other day I was at a small group meeting at church and the leader was telling us about this professor he had. This professor carried a journal around with him wherever he went. But it wasn’t an ordinary journal that he kept.

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Anytime You’re Presented with this Choice . . .

Love Does Hands

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