God Running

Am I the Most Blessed Man on Planet Earth?

God Running is a place for anyone who wants to (or even anyone who wants to want to) love Jesus more deeply, follow Jesus more closely, and love people the way Jesus wants us to.

If we only open our eyes for a moment, we’ll find that . . .

The Man With The Thanksgiving Journal (Things I heard in church)

The other day I was at a small group meeting at church and the leader was telling us about this professor he had. This professor carried a journal around with him wherever he went. But it wasn’t an… Read More

Entitlement: The Most Entitled Person Ever Is . . .

So I want to start with the definition of entitlement. According to Psychology Today, Entitlement is an enduring personality trait, characterized by the belief that one deserves preferences and resources that others do not. Its effect on us… Read More

Thank You

It’s 11:20 pm on Thanksgiving day.

Things I Heard In Church: Thanksgiving (and the opposite of thanksgiving)

Read Philippians 2:12-16. Complaining About A Tesla One time, just for fun, I test drove a Tesla. I had it in autopilot mode on the U.S. 26 freeway in Portland, Oregon where I live. It was pretty amazing but… Read More

Lies Told About You And God’s Strong Medicine For Suffering

Continuing our series on suffering, in this post we’ll look at the lies told about you when you suffer and the potent medicine God prescribes for our suffering. A Man-Eating Lion I was watching National Geographic one evening… Read More

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