Things I Heard In Church: Thanksgiving (and the opposite of thanksgiving)

Thankful by Jeff Turner - CCRead Philippians 2:12-16.

Complaining About A Tesla

One time, just for fun, I test drove a Tesla. I had it in autopilot mode on the U.S. 26 freeway in Portland, Oregon where I live. It was pretty amazing but I was surprised at my own disappointment when the Tesla rep., sitting in the seat next to me, explained that the car wouldn’t permit you to take your hands off the wheel for more than a few seconds.

When he told me that, from some primal place deep inside me, a complaint started to form. But I caught myself. Before I complained out loud — I realized how stupid that would sound. Continue reading

What God Wants (And what He doesn’t want)

Gathering_of_the_Manna c 1460-1470 via Wiki-Public Domain

The Gathering of the Manna c. 1460

Read John 6:28-43.

Last post from the book of John we saw how Jesus called out the crowd. He told them the reason they went to the trouble to find him was because he fed them, when he multiplied the loaves and the fish. Then he instructed them to work “for food that endures to eternal life,.which the Son of Man will give you.”

This prompted the people to ask, “What is it we should do, to do the works of God?”

Jesus responded, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he sent.” (If you’re interested you can read the last post here: Is Believing In Jesus All That’s Required? (Because after all, Jesus gave us commands)–John 6:22-40

The Cynical Seeking A Sign

After Jesus says the work of God is to “believe in him whom he sent,” the crowd is cynical toward Jesus. And they say: Continue reading