The Most Autobiographical Blog Post I Ever Wrote

A Man Broken

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The Ten Most Read Blog Posts of 2019


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So This Is Happening

1106 Design Love Like Jesus Book CoverI was leaving church one night after a Bible study and I was confronted or challenged by someone in the parking lot. That confrontation led to an obsession. Continue reading

Dreams and Goals are Great But . . .


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Anytime You’re Presented with this Choice . . .

Love Does Hands

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The Analytical Perfectionist and the Love of Christ

Thought Bubble above Brain via amenclinicsphotos ac - and heart via Ilya Dedykh - CC

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This Is Success (part 2)


Just a few days ago I posted what I believe to be God’s definition of success. Today I thought I’d take a break from our journey through the Gospel of John and offer my reasons for believing in that definition. This is how I think God defines success for anyone who identifies as a Christian: Continue reading

This Is Success

Friends in Heaven - No attribution required pixabay

This is success:

Loving Jesus well and loving people well (including the stranger).


Jesus And The 5 Love Languages: Chapter 16 (rp)


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The Best Marriage Advice Ever

Marriage via pixabay - Public Domain

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