God Running

He Must Increase. But I Must Decrease: John 3:30

The 7 Statements of Jesus from the Cross: Statement 5, “I Thirst”

Sunday’s Coming

The Peace Prayer (a prayer for personal peace)

A friend asked me if I would be willing to write a prayer for us that we could say each morning to help us move to the peace end of the chart above. After praying about it …. Read More

Run Your Race


Jack’s Story: “A plateful of crow tastes bad but it’s packed full of vitamins. Lots of fiber too.”

The Best Possible Gift You Can Give During the Pandemic

If You’re Going Through Something Hard Right Now, This Is For You

Dreams and Goals are Great But . . .

Turns Out Life Is Not A Hotel: Suffering Part 3

You Harm Yourself When You Do This: Suffering Part 2

How Suffering Can Turn From Bad To Good (When my expectations are violated) Suffering Part 1

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