Haiti Earthquake — Haitians Don’t Lose Hope

A UK online news outlet called MailOnline has run a great story about some of the successful rescues that are occurring in Haiti, including the story of a two year old boy named Redjeson who was trapped in the rubble of his collapsed home for almost three days. Check out MailOnline and see this little guy. He was trapped for days calling out to his parents but as time wore on his cries became weaker and weaker but then… MailOnline . His face broke into a smile when he finally saw his mother as rescue workers carried him from the rubble.

This is just one example. Many lives have been successfully saved including the one pictured here being saved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

100114-G-1330O-104 Coast Guard crew evacuates injured from Haiti by US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Your Life:

Hope. Don’t let go of it. An experiment was conducted where a group of mice were placed in a bucket of water — they’d swim until after 30 minutes or so they’d become too fatigued to continue and drown. A second group was also placed in a bucket of water but just before 30 minutes was up the mice in this group were rescued. Days, weeks, or even months later this second group of mice, when placed in a bucket of water, would swim for hours before drowning. No feeling is more destructive than the feeling of helplessness. Despair is a killer. Cling to hope in the Lord at all costs no matter how difficult your circumstances. (from GoArticles)

Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.

Jeremiah 17:7

(Anecdote originally heard from Jon Courson at Applegate Christian Fellowship)

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