Helping Haiti — the rewards are great — an insider look

“Any time I’ve done something like this I find that I’m the one who winds up being blessed.”

I wrote that in a previous post, New 9/11 Photos From Helicopter , referring to a trip I made to help out in New York after 9/11. This photo is of a friend, Kellen Knott, (and one of his new found friends). He’s been job hunting and as you know, in this economy, job hunting is quite a challenge. In late January Kellen was fortunate enough to get an interview for a Paramedic position with an ambulance company — he was elated! Then, immediately after his interview, he was contacted by the nonprofit group Medical Teams International and asked to join a team headed for Haiti. Traveling to Haiti would be a once in a lifetime opportunity but what about the job? To complicate matters, Portland Fire Department is accepting applications. If he went to Haiti he’d miss that opportunity as well.

Kellen prayed about it and sought wise counsel from people older and more wise than himself, and, decided to go.

For an inside look at Kellen’s great adventure go to Kellen’s Blogspot.

Your Life:

If you go to Kellen’s blog you’ll find that while he sacrificed a couple of great job opportunities his rewards in Haiti have more than compensated. I doubt that he has any regrets. These types of trips are often life changing. If you ever have the opportunity to go…


Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.

Proverbs 11:25

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