The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy

The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy

Two of the greatest influences in our lives will be the people we associate with and the books or other media we read or watch. So choose wisely.

-Tony Dungy

If you dream of becoming great someday, you’d be wise to read Dungy’s book, The Mentor Leader.

Other than the Bible itself, this is the best book on leadership I’ve ever read. Dungy’s most popular book was Quiet Strengthand it might be more entertaining than The Mentor Leader. But if you’re looking for the best possible information on how to be the best possible leader, The Mentor Leader is the better book.

Many authors and speakers talk about the value of mentoring and growing leaders but what makes this book different is the practical “how to” information that Dungy providesAnother interesting difference is Dungy’s frankness concerning his own weaknesses. He talks openly about mistakes he’s made and conflicts he’s experienced with players.

“Mentor leadership is all about shaping, nurturing, empowering, and growing. It’s all about relationships, integrity, and perpetual learning. Success is measured in changed lives, strong character, and eternal values.” (Dungy)

According to Dungy, the model for such leadership is Jesus Christ.

The irony concerning such leadership is, the organization wins when this approach is taken.

The Indianapolis Colts under his leadership are proof.

I highly recommend it.

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