Inside the Synagogue, Budapest, Hungary. Photo by Hachbach

Ever wonder why Jesus taught us to pray, “Our father… Give us this day our… Forgive us our… as we forgive our… Lead us not unto… deliver us…”

Notice there is nary an I, me, or my to be found anywhere, only us, our, and we.

Ever wonder why Jesus, the Son of God Himself, no matter where He was geographically, was in the habit of attending the local place of worship regularly? (Luke 4:16, Matthew 4:3, Matthew 9:35, Matthew 13:54)

It’s His desire for us to worship together. It’s His desire for us to go to church together.

Joel J. Miller said it well when he wrote:

We live and worship God in community because we can’t see enough of him on our own. Christians who isolate themselves from the body are consigning themselves to a peculiarly distorted and limited view of God.

The Christian faith isn’t about Jesus and me. By necessity it’s about Jesus and us.

“…and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was his custom.”

Luke 4:16

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