Your Thing (I wish someone had told me this when I was young)

Love God my ThingYoung Man: Why are you so into the whole God thing?

Old Man: Over the years I’ve had a bunch of different “things.” When I was in high school and college, sex was my thing–I was consumed with looking for opportunities.

When I was in my twenties hang gliding was my thing–I was always trying to fly higher.

When I was in my thirties basketball was my thing–so much so, I almost returned to college just to play at the local university (it’s a D-3 school, and I would have been lucky just to ride the pine).

Then it was expanding my stock portfolio, then my real estate portfolio, then it was my career.

Each thing took its turn consuming my thoughts, and my time, and and my energy. But not one of them satisfied.

Now God is my thing. He’s my ultimate thing. And, simply put, I have found, living life with God as your thing, is the best thing–by far.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” -Jesus Christ (Matthew 22:37)

What’s your thing?

[Image via: MOPO/NSN9 Creative Commons]

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  1. Keith,
    Thanks for the great reminder to put our Lord as the first priority of our life. If we all did that this world would be a different place. Lord bless you.

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