Chuck Smith Moved

One of God’s great teachers passed away today. Chuck Smith, the founder of the Calvary Chapel movement died this morning around 3 AM. Chuck Smith had a huge influence on this blog through his book Living Water. In fact almost any God Running blog post concerning the Holy Spirit has borrowed heavily from Chuck Smith. Of course like many of you, I’ve listened to his teachings on the radio for years.

I also loved reading about his work in his book Harvest. I don’t know how anyone could read that book and not come away with a view of Chuck as one of the best examples of fruit bearing ever. (Today there are more than 1,600 churches born out of the Calvary Chapel movement.) He was a man whose ministry truly pointed to Christ and glorified God.

Oh, and the title: Chuck once said, “One day you will read in the paper that Chuck Smith died. Don’t believe it. It should say, ‘Chuck Smith Moved.'”

RIP Chuck. No doubt you’re welcomed in heaven, but you’ll be missed here on earth.

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Great video about Chuck Smith and his work on The Comfort Zone with Ray Comfort:

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6 Comments on “Chuck Smith Moved

  1. I hate to “like” a blog about the passing of a Godly man, but Heaven is a little sweeter with his arrival. In these perilous times we must fill the happy left by these men of God and pass on their knowledge and spirit. I feel like you have taken up the mantle in your blogs, may God bless you Kurt

      • I agree Paul, we need to pray for our Father to raise up men to fill the gap. But I have to say your comment about the mantle is hilarious to me. Comparing a pastor to a blogger is like comparing a sports journalist to a professional athlete. And comparing me to Chuck Smith is like comparing a mediocre sports journalist to Peyton Manning.

        But thanks for the kind words anyway. And I pray our Father will pour His Holy Spirit out upon you Paul, to bear much fruit, to reach many for Jesus.

        • Never underestimate the power of the written word brother. Your blog has touched my life several times and that makes you a willing vessel. You may not be Chuck Smith but you are, Kurt Bennett servant of the most High God. 🙂

  2. Pastor Chuck Smith was very instrumental in my early growing stages as a follower of Messiah. I would sit in my car at lunch time in Phoenix AZ at the Capitol complex where I worked and listen to his radio broadcast. I so looked forward to that.
    He taught the O.T., and I especially loved reading about the prophets. I love Pastor Chuck for that. What a great teacher he was for me to learn from. Thanks to him, I developed a love for the study of prophecy. He was my favorite radio teacher in those days as a fledgling believer while I was cutting my gospel baby teeth on the O.T. As for those prophets–well, I couldn’t just exist on the gospel of John, now could I? It all paid off; I can now understand the end of the book because I knew the beginning! I’ll always be grateful Pastor Chuck, you were a faithful servant.

    • Thanks for your comment Irene. I still love to listen to Chuck on the radio. You and Mike might want to remember Chuck’s family, and Chuck’s Calvary Chapel church family, in your prayers during this time of mourning and transition.

      God’s best blessings on you.

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