2013’s Most Popular Posts on God Running

What a blessing it has been to write for our Father in 2013. I thank Him for the privilege, and I thank you for reading and for your support. I’m also excited about what’s coming in 2014, but more on that later. Below you’ll find 10 of the most popular posts of 2013, on God Running.

2013 most popular God Running1) The Holy Spirit: How to Know if You Have Him

By far our most popular post in 2013. This article shows how you can know for certain you will receive God’s Holy Spirit baptism. Look for the book by the same title to come out in 2014.

2) The 5th Day of Creation–The Holy Spirit and Bearing Fruit

God’s Holy Spirit is also the topic of our second most popular post in 2013. This post explores God’s creation of marine life as it relates to bearing fruit by the Holy Spirit. It includes some surprising findings from the Census of Marine Life project, a ten year study with the mission of finding new species. You’ll see how scientists concede they grossly underestimated the quantity of diversity of marine life in the ocean. The rate at which the Census of Marine Life project has discovered new species is amazing. What does that have to do with God’s Holy Spirit? Read the post and find out.

3) Both of Lot’s Daughters Became Pregnant by Their Father

If you want to stay in your comfort zone, don’t read this post. If you want a hint as to what this is all about, check out Revelation 3:16.

4) He Touched the Socket of Jacob’s Hip so that His Hip Was Wrenched

This post offers insight into why God allows bad things to happen, and how He engages us when He shows up in the midst of a trial. Several people who have experienced life changing painful experiences may surprise you with their take on personal tribulation.

5) Marriage, and Mom and Dad

First published in 2010 this post remains one of our most popular today. It addresses the dilemma we all face: How do I balance my relationship with my spouse and my relationship with my mom and dad. This article also offers insight on sex, divorce, and the starting point for affairs.

6) Senna Part 2–Teach Us to Number Our Days

This post is about the compelling story of Formula 1 race car driver Ayrton Senna and the bible verse he read the morning before the race that ended his life. He was a flawed man Ayrton Senna. But he was greatly loved in his native Brazil and around the world for his humble nature. How he died provides a piece of wisdom for us all.

7) Why Did You Say, She Is My Sister? So I Took Her to be My Wife

This post offers understanding concerning what happens to our minds and hearts when we harbor suspicion about what someone thinks of us. Fear of man is a snare, Proverbs 29 tells us, and apparently that’s true, even for the father of faith Abraham.

8) Love Like Jesus–The Power of the Tongue

This popular post features the story of how lesbian college professor Rosaria Champagne Butterfield came to know Christ. She offers a unique perspective on how we might better reach unbelievers with the gospel. And you’ll never guess who she marries after she invites Jesus into her life.

9) Jesus in the Old Testament (Part 5): Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53 is so descriptive of Jesus Christ it seems out of place. There’s just no way it should be found in the Old Testament. It should come after the New Testament, after Jesus’ death and resurrection, not before. But in the late 1940s archeologists discovered a copy of the book of Isaiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and this copy was dated hundreds of years before the life of Christ. How can that be?

2013 most popular God Running10) Jesus in the Old Testament (Part 1): Genesis 50

The truth about the nature of God is found in Jesus. If you want to know the Father, study His Son. Study the gospels. And study the Old Testament looking for Jesus Christ at every turn. You’ll find him there. And you’ll find him in Genesis when you study the life of Joseph. This post on Jesus in the Old Testament offers understanding into how Joseph of the Old Testament is a prophetic picture of the greater than Joseph, Jesus. The parallels are uncanny.

Excited About 2014

I’m excited about 2014. Several books are in the works including a book about Jesus in the Old Testament and the book I mentioned about the Holy Spirit and how to know if you have Him. We’re also working on a second edition of Traveler and the Chaplain. Finally there’s a biography on my friend Kent Brown that we hope to finish. It should be available on a web site of it’s own, complete with pictures and a video.

If you feel led to pray, pray for God to pour His Holy Spirit out upon me and everyone else who makes this blog and the books possible. Without Him we have nothing to offer.

Thank you in advance for your prayers. I look forward to serving you and Him in 2014!

In Jesus name,


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