So You’re Hurting

Sad Man by Andy Bullock - Creative Commons

So you’re hurting. You’re struggling. Every day you wake up in the morning wondering how you’re going to make it through. It’s so bad sometimes you can feel it, physically. You get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, or that intense ache in your chest, or that lump in your throat. When you’re around others you fake it as best you can, but the faking gets more and more difficult every day this thing drags on. And you wonder how long you can hang on.

Been there.

Here’s what turned it around for me. What if you don’t think of the whole thing as being about you, but you think of the situation as something bigger, something more than just your pain, something more than just your hurt. What if you don’t look at your situation from the perspective of a modern day Job, but instead look at it from the perspective of the One who told the story of Job? What if you think of the situation as being about God, instead of being about you?

What if instead of asking yourself, “Why me?” You ask yourself, “What can I do to best glorify God in this situation?” I mean at every opportunity, ask yourself that question. Look for opportunities to ask yourself that question. Look for opportunities to glorify God.

Try it and see what happens to your attitude, to your heart, and to your mind.

That’s how Jesus lived. He lived every moment to glorify God. Read the gospels, see if it’s not true.

Live like he did.

Therefore, since Christ suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind… 1 Peter 4:1


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[Image via Andy Bullock – Creative Commons]




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  1. God with comforting in around the world by his love in the Holy Spirit will touch and heal and set us free from pain and forgive to those who has hurted us in life and we may pray for them in Jesus name and be blessing in Christ with hope,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

  2. Thanks Kurt. Love ya, Cindiamom

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