Things I Heard In Church: “The first miracle Jesus ever did was to turn water into wine–to save a party.” -Randy Alcorn

“The first miracle Jesus ever did was to turn water into wine–to save a party.” –Randy Alcorn

Last Sunday I visited my friends Darrell, Patty, and Kellen Knott at Good Shepherd Community Church, East of Portland. Best selling author Randy Alcorn was speaking on the topic of happiness there. Here are a few more quotes from Randy on that day (be sure not to miss the last one!):

“They’re having a good time, so they must be sinning!” Some church people say.

“I live in Portland, in the Capital of Weirdness–and I love it.”

Speaking of the appointed feasts and festivals in the Bible Randy said, “All those feasts and festivals were parties. Part of being a Christ follower includes parties.”

“The New Testament feasts were full of love, and happiness, and laughter.”

“I’m absolutely convinced, Jesus is the happiest person who ever lived.”

Speaking of our laughter and happiness at Jesus’ table during his feast, in heaven, Randy said, “I think the loudest and most contagious laughter, will be the laughter of the one at the head of the table, King Jesus…”

From Randy Alcorn’s excellent teaching on Happiness: Session 3 of 3 at Good Shepherd Community Church. If you’re interested, you can see the entire teaching in the video below.

Happiness Conference Session 3 of 3 from GSCC Media on Vimeo.

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