Comey, Republicans, Democrats (And Sharing Truth About Jesus)


(Read John 7:25-31)

Comey, Republicans, And Democrats

I was watching CNN the day of this writing and learned of FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that the Hilary Clinton email investigation would be reopened. I found a comment about Republicans and Democrats more interesting than the actual announcement. Jake Tapper of CNN pointed out that, originally, when Comey cleared Hilary of any criminal wrongdoing, Democrats lauded Comey as a stellar investigator and a pillar of integrity while Republicans severely criticized him for his decision. Today it’s just the opposite, Republicans are jumping on the Comey bandwagon and Democrats are the ones complaining.

Negative news reports about Trump work the same way.

What seems to matter is whose candidate stands to benefit. The truth is a minor consideration at best.

Where’s The Truth?

In our text Jesus said, “. . . I have not come of my own accord. He who sent me is true, and him you do not know. I know him, for I come from him, and he sent me.”

“He who sent me is true,” Jesus said. Our Father is where we find the truth. And similar to what happened today after Comey’s announcement, after Jesus’ announcement, there were two reactions: Some had candidates (if you will), or lifestyles, or worldviews that stood to lose and they became angry. They wanted Jesus arrested. Others heard Jesus and believed him to be the Messiah. That’s how it always was when Jesus shared truth about himself.

That’s how it is today when you or I share truth about Jesus. Some welcome it, some are even hungry for it.

Others will become angry. They just will. They always have.

Share truth about Jesus anyway.


I’m not making a political statement about Hilary, Trump, Comey, or anyone else one way or the other. The point is, when we share Jesus there’s likely to be a strong reaction, one way or the other. Pray God will bring people into your life who you can share Christ with. Then follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and invest your time in those who seem interested.

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  1. For years at every election polling process I’ve been waiting to see a ballot for King Yeshua/Jesus and it just ain’t there. Yet I know when He returns there will be no ballots needed since He’ll take back the Earth from the god who rules it now. All other names will never top the Name above all names. One of these Jubilee years He will surprise us and return and all debts will be free. Until then we must stay true and more important than reading and writing in face book, this New Year coming up we need to Face the Book more than ever! Love it and live it, stay true to the very end…

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