Top 10 Most Popular Posts Of 2016 On God Running

top-10-sign2016’s 10 most popular posts on God Running

1) Joseph’s 5 Steps to Avoid Temptation

What Joseph (Jacob’s son, of the Old Testament) could have said when Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him: “Come on, give me a break, this is a situation where an older woman is taking advantage of a young man. What do you expect someone my age to do, with hormones raging? How can I possibly resist?”

Joseph might have been tempted to embrace that mindset. Maybe you’re tempted to face temptation with that mindset too. But that wasn’t Joseph’s approach. He looked at it differently. To find out how Joseph successfully resisted sexual temptation, read Joseph’s 5 steps to Avoid Temptation.

2) He Touched The Socket Of Jacob’s Hip So That His Hip Was Wrenched

Jacob swindled his brother out of his blessing and birthright. He was a conniving manipulator, that is, up until he was physically humbled. Find out about the way God used suffering in the life of Jacob, in the life of others, and in my own life too.

3) The 5th Day Of Creation–The Holy Spirit and Bearing Fruit

The one thing that changes everything when it comes to bearing fruit for God’s kingdom.

4) Love Like Jesus–Love the Unlovable

We humans, we have a strong tendency to love those who can love us back, or at least give something back to us in some way, shape, or form. We love family members, good friends, and we love people in our network who might be able to help us with our career trajectories. We love people we’re comfortable with.

But Jesus didn’t love that way.

To learn more check out Love Like Jesus–Love the Unlovable.

5) Joseph’s 4 Steps to Success

Joseph of the Old Testament is in the spotlight again. This time we see how he approached his work life, and why he rose to the top the way he did.

6) How Not to Become a Christian Doormat

The Bible tells us to esteem others higher than ourselves, and to take up our cross, and to die to ourselves, right? Well, yes that’s right, but there’s a lot more to the story. To find out how not to become a Christian doormat, read this article.

7) The Holy Spirit: How to Know if You Have Him

Ever wonder whether or not God has poured out His Holy Spirit on you, in a way that empowers you to do His works, to bear fruit for Him? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, this is the article for you.

8) Both of Lot’s Daughters Became Pregnant By Their Father

This post was popular in 2015 also. (I think it’s the provocative title.)

9) Damian Lillard, Stephan Curry, and Bad Christian Examples

It’s not about what you think.

10) The Consequences Of Ignoring God: God’s Way, Your Way, And Your Crushed Spirit

Anxiety, fear, and depression can be caused by all sorts of reasons, but one of the primary reasons is often overlooked. Read about what happens to our hearts, souls, and spirits when we’re not paying close enough attention to Jesus.

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