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“These things I have spoken to you while I am still with you. But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.”

–Jesus, John 14:25-26

So here’s the thing: If the Holy Spirit is going to bring Jesus’ words to our remembrance, we first have to put his words in our memory.

We’ve all had the experience of coming back to something after an absence. At work we used to laugh at ourselves about it. Someone would come back after a short vacation and he’d be off his game. He’d say, “I’ve been gone for two shifts and now I need to be retrained. I can’t remember how to do my job.”

When we do something daily, or often, we become dialed in. When we’re sporadic our ability to process and live out what we’ve learned is affected. It’s just human nature. This is how it is for all of us. Our memory needs regular reinforcement, especially if we want to keep something at the forefront of our mind.

So read your bible, every day. Read Jesus’ words in the gospels. Read the Old Testament and the New because Jesus is God’s Word. (John 1:1)

Or listen to the bible on an app like this one: The Listener’s Bible

Or better yet, share scripture every day. A friend of mine is always texting his kids scripture and then asking them what they think it means, and talking with them about what he thinks it means. That’s a great way to do it. Or make a habit of reading a passage from the bible in the morning and talking with your significant other about it. Or read scripture with your spouse before you go to bed at night. Or post a passage on social media. Or make an agreement with a fellow Christ follower at work to take turns sharing.

My observation has been there’s something that happens inside of a person who shares scripture. It changes them. They seem to become more intimate with Jesus somehow. I know that’s proved true for me.

Below you’ll find a list of places where you can find bible reading plans. For me I’ve found it helpful to read a little every day rather than set a goal to finish the bible in one year or some other time period. I’ve taken as long as four years to go through a one year bible reading plan. The daily habit, not the amount read, has been the key for me. And most important of all, for me, sharing has been the biggest difference maker.

However we do it, the point is to put Jesus’ words in our memory.

So the Holy Spirit can bring his words to our remembrance.

So we can live life according to Jesus’ words.

Bible Reading Plans:

Bible Gateway

Blue Letter BibleĀ 

Phone Apps:


Bible Gateway App

Blue Letter Bible for Android

Blue Letter Bible for iPhone

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