On A Personal Note — 2018 In Review

Lacrosse with Hayden

God was good to us in 2018. We experienced His love and grace in many ways, especially from our friends and family. Below you’ll find a list of highlights from our 2018. Some are fun and some are tough, but Jesus has been present in them all.

My nephew’s son taught me how to play lacrosse. (Another way of saying, we played lacrosse against each other — and he schooled me. That’s why he looks so happy.)

My son Gabe gave me a spaceship for Christmas. It’s a virtual gift inside the MMORPG we play, Eve Online. He named it “Loot Pinata Shoot First”. It’s so named and so loaded with “expensive” bling that everyone who sees it will want to kill me — nice one Gabe.

Kathy vacuumed the dog — and he liked it.

Kathy Vacuuming Kruiser

Andrew started second grade.

Nate graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in computer engineering. Nice work Nate.

Charise graduated with a degree in education. Way to go Charise.

Both Gabe and Anastasia exemplify the part of God’s word where it says, “And let us not grow weary of doing good . . .”

I hit the climbing wall a few times with Andrew.

Climbing Wall with Andrew

Speaking of Andrew, I fought many imaginary battles with him in 2018. My team is the group of plastic army guys in the background. I lost this one.


In late July a squash vine attempted to break into our house through the back door.

Squash Trying to Break into Our House

I went for walks with my family.

Walk with Family

A year and eight months after she was walking across the street and hit by a car, Kathy’s still recovering at the end of 2018. Pray for her.

In early June our water heater failed and flooded a room.

In July we had another plumbing adventure. We found this leak under our house where I took this photo. The plumber came on the 4th of July so I helped him in order to try to lower the bill. Somehow I spent most of my time under the house, and he spent most of his time in the kitchen.

Leak Under House

My friend James Dean H. died, and I didn’t find out his middle name was Dean until his memorial service. Cool name. Cool guy. He’s missed by me and many others.

Another friend and fellow firefighter died. Also missed by many.

Billy Graham died. He’s one of my heroes.

BillyGrahamPreaching- by-Florida-Memory-with-added-quote-CC

A friend of mine in his early forties, who’s another one of my heroes, is on hospice. He’s dying too. You can read about him here if you’re interested: Jesus’ Peace vs. The World’s Peace. All these friends and heroes dying reminds me that life is fragile. The future is fragile. I need to live for Jesus — now.

I met with a couple of authors and received wise counsel about the Love Like Jesus book.

At the recommendation of one of the authors I wrote a book proposal. (That turned out to be nearly as difficult as writing the book itself.)

Kathy and I started attending a new church called Colassae Tigard.

I started volunteering for Safe Families For Children. I love what they do! You can learn about it in the video below. (If it won’t play on your phone, try this link: Safe Families For Children.)

I took a tour of a Compassion Connect Clinic. They go to different neighborhoods and set up one day medical and dental clinics for anyone who can’t afford medical and dental care. I love what they do too.

I read some books and two were really amazing: Love Does and Everybody Always, both by Bob Goff. They helped me to learn what it looks like to love like Jesus. I highly recommend them both.

And just now, while I was writing this post, Charise texted me this photo.

Love Does For Kids

I gave Andrew Love Does for kids for Christmas. Charise wrote in her text: “That was the greatest gift! We have been reading it every night before bed, Andrew never wants me to stop reading it to him. I’m using it as our nightly devotional.”

That’s a bit of a summary of what 2018 was like for Kathy and I.

What were some of your highlights for 2018?

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  1. Personal anecdotes are one of the reasons your new book is going to be so good. Seriously, you play Eve Online? That’s so cool. What a great virtual gift from Gabe. I don’t play that game, buy my son Nathaniel and I play Madden Football non-stop.

    Happy New Year! Your family looks like they are doing great! Prayers for Kathy.

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