Dreams and Goals are Great But . . .


Dreams and goals are great but be careful they don’t compromise your ability to love Jesus well and to love people well.

2 Comments on “Dreams and Goals are Great But . . .

  1. Matthew 25 and Jer 34, James 2 and Phil 2.
    Unfortunately we have created our own gospel and discounted the words of Jesus. While I agree with Paul and Galatians, there is a whole lot more about being born again than just a free ride. It means a changed heart. and as Matthew 25 shows, I don’t care what you call yourself and what grace you received, if your heart isn’t really changed such that you do deeds of love You are going to Hell for sure. Now, Jesus didn’t know what he was talking about on the salvation front. We should explain to him that sort of talk has been banned. When that day comes many will say. Lord Lord. and get a swift kick out the door.


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