The Peace Prayer (a prayer for personal peace)

Anxiety Graph by Kurt Bennett - Infographic by Magen

A friend asked me if I would be willing to write a prayer for us that we could say each morning to help us move to the peace end of the chart above. After praying about it . . .

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God of the living, Father of Jesus Christ, my Father in heaven, have mercy on me.

Give me Your peace.

Lead me in Your ways.

Direct my steps to follow Your path that ends in peace.

Help me to surrender to You completely and utterly, the way Jesus does.

Help me to love You with everything I have, the way Jesus does.

Help me to trust You the way Jesus does.

Help me to have faith in You the way Jesus does.

And help me to love others the way Jesus does.

Father fill me with Your Holy Spirit the way You did Jesus’ disciples of old.

Lead me away from the temptation to worship at the altar of busy-ness.

Make my life, a life with You as my ultimate, as my top priority, as my most important Person.

Help me to make all my plans and expectations, plans and expectations that are wise and good in Your sight. And then help me to hold onto those expectations lightly. Help me to be open to whatever You bring or allow to come my way. Help me to remember that all things work toward good for me, as long as I love You, and as long as I live for Your purposes. Let these truths live in my heart, mind, and soul.

Bless me Father with Yourself.

Make me one with You in the most intimate way possible.

Because in You is where peace is found.

In Jesus’ name.


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