The Happiest People I Know Do This 1 Thing

The happiest people I know concern themselves with loving God and growing into the likeness of Jesus. The most unhappy people I know concern themselves with the shortcomings of others. #lovelikeJesus

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  1. so very true. I love a quote from Corrie Ten Boom paraphrased here – look around and be distressed, look inside and be depressed – look (up) to Jesus & be at rest. When we realize that we are not in charge & nothing we can do can make things better & in fact may make things worse (works) but prayer makes all things possible. The world can never give us the peace we crave. We cannot get the peace we crave on our own merit, intellect or “self-help”. We cannot earn it, work for it, or do enough “good” and neither can anyone else. However we can partner with God, give our troubles, cares, worries to Him and listen to what he prompts us to do with prayer and developing relationship with Him through His Son & the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. And when we want to “judge” another or “critique” another – give it to God in prayer instead. Prayer is the only thing that changes me, you, our lives, our relationships, our country & our world. It is God inviting us to partner with Him to change the world, one heart at a time.

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