He lived a life according to the character of Jesus

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Today I want to share about a man who was shot and killed a few days ago. His name is Jonet Dominguez. He was part owner and also the manager of All-In Towing in Las Vegas. Inside the All-in tow yard, there was a certain rental car. On January 10, the man who rented the car showed up at All-In Towing without the proper paperwork to take back possession, so, Jonet couldn’t release it to him. The man became angry and upset. He pulled out a gun. Then he shot Jonet and ran.

Jonet was taken to the hospital but he didn’t make it.

The news reports say that Jonet “leaves behind his beloved wife and nine children . . .” How does one wind up with nine children?

I learned about Jonet Dominguez from my nephew Kassidy who became friends with Jonet a few years ago. They liked to hike together in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas where they both lived. Kassidy shared Jonet’s story with me today. How his parents came here from Cuba. How his mother encouraged him to steal as a way to support the family. How he grew up stealing cars. How he spent time in Nevada’s Juvenile detention system and in jail. He lived this way, right up until he encountered Jesus. But after he gave himself to Christ, Jonet was all in for the Lord.

He became active in his church. He used the skills he learned stealing cars to work an honest job in the towing business. When a friend died he took in his friend’s children and raised them as his own, so, what we read in the news left out the part about how some of those nine kids Jonet was raising, are his deceased friend’s kids. He also ran a non-profit organization that helped the homeless.

Jonet may have died tragically, but he lived heroically.

He lived a life according to the character of Jesus.

When I heard his story today I was inspired by Jonet, and I wanted to share it with you.

RIP Jonet Dominguez.

If you want to help the family you can donate here: Donate to help the Funeral cost of Jonet Dominguez.

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  1. Sometimes you wonder why bad things happen to people, sometimes it’s to show the Light in their lives in a dark world. Well done Good and Faithful servant.

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