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Whose Sin Caused This? (And does the existence of suffering prove there is no God?): John 9:1-3

Read John 9:1-3. Does Suffering Prove God Does Not Exist?

A Second Generation Atheist’s Take On The Eyewitnesses Of Jesus

Homicide Detective Jim Warner Wallace is one of the best at gathering and interpreting evidence at his law enforcement agency (LA County). My friend Peter, who researched the guy, described him this way:

God’s IQ

“His name was William James Sidis, and his IQ was estimated at between 250 and 300. At eighteen months he could read The New York Times, at two he taught himself Latin, at three he learned Greek. By… Read More

You Are Not Condemned

Last post on the book of John we saw how God so loved us, that He allowed His Son to suffer a horrible death, to pay the price for our sins, so we could be reconciled to Him in… Read More

Higgs Boson (God Particle) and God’s Word

Peter Guirguis, a former atheist, gives his take on the newly discovered Higgs Boson particle, sometimes referred to as the God particle, and what it has to do with scripture. Interesting read. Will the Recently Found Higgs Boson… Read More

Atheist Activist Becomes Christian After Believers Show Him Compassion

Atheist Activist Becomes Christian After Believers Show Him Compassion.

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