God Running

How Thomas Gets A Raw Deal

COVID and Practicing the Presence of Jesus

How Thomas Gets A Raw Deal

Read John 11:7-16. Last post from the book of John we looked at, what it looks like, when God doesn’t make sense. The post from the book of John before that one, we looked at how Martha gets a… Read More

So You Doubt

Do you have doubts? Or do you know someone who doubts? If you do, this blog post is written for you. A Christian Leader Who Doubts Today I was reading about a Christian leader who has doubts. It’s inherent in… Read More

Profile of a Doubter: Genuine Seeker (Part 9)

Let’s Also Go, So We Can Die With Him So you’re a doubter. Or maybe you know someone who is. You might be interested to hear the story of a doubter in the Bible. Here’s the scene: The… Read More

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