God Running

Everything is against me! Genesis 42:35-36

Read Genesis 42:35-36 Genesis 42:35-36 So the brothers are unpacking, and there, in each one of their sacks, is their silver! When their father Jacob sees their money pouches, they all freak. Jacob says to them, You deprive… Read More

Fear from Sin vs. Fear of God: Genesis 42:3-38

Read Genesis 42:3-38 In our last post on Genesis, we saw how Jacob encouraged his sons to go to Joseph for help from the famine, and where you and I can go to receive help when we experience… Read More

Help in Times of Famine: Genesis 42:1-2

Read Genesis 42:1-2 Last post on Genesis we saw what happened to Joseph after Pharaoh heard him interpret his dreams. We also examined how Joseph determined direction for the nation of Egypt and how you can determine direction… Read More

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