Love Like Jesus–Pray Like Jesus: Chapter 19

Firefighters In Smoke by Ross Beckley - CCToday’s post is from my new book Love Like Jesus: How Jesus Loved People (and how you can love like Jesus). Last Saturday we posted Chapter 18: Jesus And AngerLove Like Jesus is due to be published in January of 2020.


“The Grange”, as the locals called it, was a large retail store and warehouse that sold agricultural supplies on South Pacific Highway in Medford, Oregon. It was on fire. Right around 3 AM, Bob Paulson and two of his crewmates dragged a hose line through an open bay door and disappeared into the thick black smoke. Because of that smoke they could see only a few feet in front of them. So they were feeling their way, peering through the darkness, looking for any sign of light from the flames that waited for them inside. Everything was typical of a commercial structure fire so far, with one exception, the flames they were looking for couldn’t be found. They could feel the heat, there was dense smoke, but they couldn’t locate the source. Continue reading

My Friend Mike’s Miracle

miracle prayer

Last post we talked about one reason God was so responsive to Jesus’ prayers was because he loved God so much. And because he loved God so much, Jesus was always seeking to give Him glory. If you’re interested you can check it out here: The One Thing You Can Do To Give Life To Your Prayers

Well Monday, two days after that post I received a text from my friend Mark. He and another friend Mike host a podcast called Solomon’s Porch Radio. And Mark’s text said,

“Hey Kurt …..let everyone know to be praying for Mike….he had a heart attack. ..and just went in for surgery.”

So I just arrived home from Portland late the night before and I missed that text. But another friend, Luke Salyer, sent me a DM on Twitter about it, so I called Mark and asked him to keep me up to speed on Mike’s condition.

Then Wednesday morning I received another text, and this one was from Mike (via Mark). And this is what it said: Continue reading