20-20, 20-30, 20-50… Steve Holcomb, the U.S. Olympic bobsled driver had learned to compensate for his deteriorating vision. With the help of powerful prescription contact lenses he continued to lead the U.S. bobsled team to success in a variety of competitions. But his vision continued to gradually deteriorate due to a disease called keratoconus — eventually reaching 20-500. When your vision hits 20-500 it means you’re six inches from the eye chart so you can read the big ‘E’ at the top. Finally, after years of seeking help from a variety of eye doctors, he was ready to retire. Though he had learned to drive his bobsled mostly by feel, he was becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of his teammates.

Just when things looked hopeless his coach found a doctor who was performing an experimental procedure that looked like the answer. One problem — money. The Beverly Hills doctor, Boxer Wachler, identified Holcomb as a candidate for the surgery but Holcomb, who earns his living as a computer technician, couldn’t afford the $15K to get the job done. Fortunately for Steve Holcomb and U.S. bobsled fans the U.S. Bobsled Federation and the U.S. Olympic Committee decided to pay the doctor bill. After the ten minute surgery, Steve Holcomb’s vision was nearly 20-20. (see USA Today)

And the result? An Olympic gold medal for the U.S.A. The first U.S. gold medal in the bobsled in 62 years. (see

Your Life:

The Bible states that

Where there is no vision the people perish…

Proverbs 29:18

Are you a mother, a father, a coach, a teacher? Or do you have leadership responsibility in some other area of your life? Pray for vision from the Lord for those He’s placed in your care. After receiving vision from Him, communicate that vision to those who will be impacted. Many don’t realize that communicating God’s vision to your kids, your students, whoever God’s entrusted you with, is one of the most important things you must do as a leader. Prayerfully try it for awhile and watch what God does in your relationships. Consider the following excerpt from Traveler and the Chaplain:

The Chaplain leaned back and said, “Ahhh, casting God’s vision. The most effective leaders I’ve ever known start by talking to as many key people as possible one on one. Jesus did this when he asked the twelve to become his disciples. Then they meet with their leadership team as a group and collaborate on the vision or idea. This enables the leader and his leadership team to finally present his or her vision or idea to the general group with one heart.” (Bill Hybels, Courageous Leadership)
“Leadership team?”
“It has to do with fruit. I’m sure we’ll get to it shortly.” The Chaplain said patiently.
“All those meetings sound like a lot of time and talking…”
“And listening too. Remember that you’re not Jesus,” the Chaplain said smiling. “God will use the people you talk with and listen to, to communicate His will to you and to expand your vision. It’s important to filter everything you hear through the scriptures, but start by patiently listening to what people have to say, and then share the vision God’s given you.”
“Sounds like a lot of work.” Traveler said.
“True, but that’s what it takes to communicate ideas or vision effectively. A leader with a calendar full of one on one appointments is usually one who is an effective communicator of vision.” (Bill Hybels, Courageous Leadership)

From Traveler and the Chaplain.

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