Jesus and Naps

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Jesus napped. (Luke 8:22-23) Seems kind of weird to think about that, doesn’t it?

And he not only napped, but he also walked regularly, exercised if you will. And he not only napped and walked, but he didn’t eat fast food or processed food either. (Okay, so there wasn’t any fast food or processed food when he was walking the planet, but still, it’s true.) The point is, when Jesus was in human form like you and me, he took care of his human body.

I see so many today taking care of their bodies but in a way that becomes consuming and obsessive. The focus of their life is their diet, or their sleep rhythms, or their exercise program. And that’s not the way Jesus did it. The point of taking care of our bodies isn’t to become obsessed with diet, or sleep cycles, or exercise. The point of taking care of our bodies is to do it, so we can do more for God’s kingdom.

So yes, take care of your body. Rest, eat right, exercise. But do it as an investment of your talents. Then take the return on that investment and use it to bear fruit for your Father in heaven. (Matthew 25:14-30)

Jesus did.

You can too.

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5 Comments on “Jesus and Naps

  1. hi! liked this post, honestly with the title I was expecting something like don’t nap, and don’t give bad use to your free time, and it’s maybe because I don’t have good sleeping rhytms and habit, I love to sleep, specially till late in the morning and during the day, definietly bad habits that need to be change, I would love if you write about it, or an insight, what do you think?
    And thank you, this post also gave me peace and encouragement to have better habits here on earth and see my life as an investment that is here to bear fruit, following Jesus example.

    • “…see my life as an investment that is here to bear fruit, following Jesus example.” Rolando–you nailed it! I pray our Father will pour His Holy Spirit out upon you in abundant measure to help you invest your life in Jesus, and to follow his example. And I’ll pray about doing a post on sleeping in too. That sounds like a good suggestion. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I wish I could apply this principle today!

    I have to admit that I am one that can get obsessed with running. I an effort to not get to obsessed I try to use running a a time for prayer and meditation.

    • You’re not alone Robin. I used to be totally OCD about running myself. That’s really great that you pray while running. Sounds like you’re headed in a good direction. Thanks for stopping by!

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