Jeffrey Wright Loves Like Jesus

This guy is a great example of someone who loves like Jesus! You’ll want to watch until the video covers how he loves his own son–he sets an especially amazing example there.

Wright’s Law, Jeffrey Wright loves like Jesus

Jeffrey Wright is one of the craziest teachers I have ever heard of. His antics in his high school physics class include lighting his hand on fire (on purpose), sending students on a homemade hovercraft ride (without steering), and blowing up a pumpkin (in the classroom). As one student said, “He is exploding with fun!” His students are never bored, even those who normally fall asleep in the rest of their classes. He also has a heart to help kids from disadvantaged backgrounds: Students who cover their bruises with make up because they’re taking beatings at home from their dad. Students who are pregnant. Students without a mom or dad in the home. He’s amazing. As one person put it, “Mr. Wright has the keys to the city!”

Jeffrey Wright loves his students. But he loves his son Adam even more. When Adam was born and Wright saw that his wife delivered a boy, he was excited about their future: going to football games, baseball games, or whatever events his new son Adam happened to be talented in. But when the nurse brought out his newborn son, his respiratory rate was 180 breaths per minute. The nurse told Jeffrey Wright, she had to take Adam back, to the doctors. Jeffrey Wright’s dreams of Adam’s future were destroyed when they learned he had a disease called Joubert Syndrome. It’s so rare only 417 people in the world have it. But it’s effects are devastating. Adam can’t speak, and he is self abusive. He has almost no coordination. He requires constant care.

Jeffrey Wright’s expectations were violated. And he was angry with God.

But then his older daughter Abbey did something unexpected, she started playing with Adam. And then Adam started doing something unexpected, he responded to his sister Abbey. They discovered that inside that debilitated body was an intelligent mind. They taught Adam sign language. And one of the first things Adam signed to Jeffrey Wright was, “I love you dad.”

From then on Wright’s rage was gone. He stopped asking why, because love trumped why. Love is greater than why. Love trumps everything. Love is the greatest thing. (1 Corinthians 13)

And Jeffrey Wright started loving his son, in spite of Adam’s very limited capabilities, like Jesus loves us.

I hope you take the time to watch the video. Jeffrey Wright is truly a great example of what it looks like, to love like Jesus.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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  1. Great story! I’ve known my Savior for over 33 years and I’ve come to understand at an early relationship with Him never to ask Him, “why?”. I would, however, ask Him “what”. “What are you doing Father? I don’t understand what is happening.”

    I knew deep down in side that no matter what happened or happens in my life that seems to be painful that to ask “why” would be a declaration on my part that might say I didn’t trust Him. On the other hand, this example you postured before us today can be transferred to everyday life. I tend to be a “why” person, that is why I do research, but sometimes I “why” on folks that I shouldn’t “why” on. Now, I have something to recall to retrain my brain to “rely” on: LOVE IS GREATER THAN WHY. Happy am I!

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