Blaise Pascal On Sickness

A Prayer for the Right Use of Sickness by Blaise Pascal, Pensees

Remove, Oh Lord, that sadness which, owing to self-love, is produced by my suffereings, and by those worldly objects which will not be reconciled to the inclinations of my heart, and regard not Thy glory; but infuse a sadness conformable to Thy own. Let my sufferings serve to appease Thy wrath. Make them the occasion of my conversion and salvation. Henceforth let me not wish for health and life, but to employ it and end it for Thee, in Thee, and with Thee.

I ask of Thee neither health nor sickness, neither life nor death; but that Thou wouldest dispose of my health and sickness, of my life and death, for Thy glory, for my salvation, and for the advantage of the church and of Thy saints, of whom I hope, by Thy grace, to form a part. Thou alone knowest what is heedful for me; though art my Sovereign Master; do with me as seems good in Thy sight. Either give or take away; but at all events, conform my will to Thine, so that, in humble and unreserved submission, and in holy confidence, I may prepare myself to receive allotments  of Thy eternal Providence, and receive with equal gratitude whatever comes from Thee.

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