God Running

Some of the most brilliant insights ever, from a 70 year old mom and grandmom

These insights from a 70 year old mom and grandmom are so brilliant, I had to share them. One of my favorite authors, Drew Dyck, tweeted this earlier today. (Used with permission.)

“If you loved me, you would have rejoiced”–John 14:28

She’s Gone

  She’s gone. She died. Just like that. You always think you have more time. Matthew 24:44

Someone I Love Lies Dying In My Bedroom Right Now

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He Was Afraid to Die

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Your Life Story (As Told To God)

God’s telling a story with your life. But at the same time He’s given you free will to write that story pretty much any way you want to. So when it’s over, when you die and you stand… Read More

You’re Dying and What to do About It — Genesis 48:1-15

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Prepare Yourself for What’s Ahead: Genesis 47:14-27

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Life is Fatal

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