Some of the most brilliant insights ever, from a 70 year old mom and grandmom

Mom with her Bible 8-22-16

These insights from a 70 year old mom and grandmom are so brilliant, I had to share them. One of my favorite authors, Drew Dyck, tweeted this earlier today. (Used with permission.)

Ok this is a thread from my mom (that she just posted on Facebook) that I thought was interesting. And I’m glad I sort of made the list (#8) …


It may seem that I should have written this a year ago when I first turned 70, but it took time for me to get used to the shock. I’ve now been in my 70’s for a year, so can write with authority.

1. I started out being in absolute denial of reaching my 70’s. I wonder if anyone truly grasps the fact that they will really get old. Then suddenly and unexpectedly, there you are.

2. I am amazed that I actually look my age. When I first started admitting to being 70, I fully expected people to express disbelief. No one has even batted an eye– no surprise, no argument. Just sympathetic nods.

3. I’m surprised to find that you never get any older on the inside. Your body just betrays you.

4. Everyone talks about growing old gracefully, but it’s a myth. I hate looking in the mirror to the shocking sight of an old lady looking back at me.

5. Yes, time really does go astoundingly faster and faster. I find myself talking about something that happened recently and suddenly realize it was 40 or 50 years ago.

6. I am surprised I still am the same flawed person. I hoped to be perfect when I reached this age. I’ve had lots of time and all kinds of encouragement and some determination and desire, but I continue to disappoint myself.

7. Another shocking development was that, though, I lived most of my life with few conscious regrets, I now find sins and mistakes coming back to haunt me.

8. I am surprised at the fierceness of my love for my adult children. I must have felt that once they were raised and out on their own, along with the lessened responsibility, would come lessoned yearning for them. The sad secret is, though we have a great life on our own … we really are constantly waiting with bated breath for time with them and our grandkids.

9. I have been broadsided by the increasing preciousness of friendship and family.

10. Last of all, I am shocked at the laissez- faire attitude of those who spent years dreaming of marriage, preparing for their careers, working hard to prepare for retirement, but have not considered the wisdom of preparing for life after death.

Considering how short life is and how long is eternity, considering the certainty and imminence of death, you would think that people who have reached this age would be cramming to secure their future with God.


Drew Dyck is the author of Your Future Self Will Thank You: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible and Brain Science (A Guide for Sinners, Quitters, and Procrastinators). You can follow Drew on Twitter @drewdyck.

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