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Teens Find Dead Body During Easter Egg Hunt

In Des Moines, Iowa, a couple of teenagers were participating in an Easter egg hunt in Des Moines park. In their quest for eggs they wandered off a bit from the main group and found something they didn’t… Read More

The Kitchen’s on Fire — How God prepares us

So my son, Gabe, is sitting peacefully on his couch a few nights ago when his wife bursts into the room and hollers something to the effect of, “Honey, the kitchen’s on fire!” He jumps off the couch… Read More


20-20, 20-30, 20-50… Steve Holcomb, the U.S. Olympic bobsled driver had learned to compensate for his deteriorating vision. With the help of powerful prescription contact lenses he continued to lead the U.S. bobsled team to success in a… Read More

Helping Haiti — the rewards are great — an insider look

“Any time I’ve done something like this I find that I’m the one who winds up being blessed.” I wrote that in a previous post, New 9/11 Photos From Helicopter , referring to a trip I made to… Read More

Haiti Earthquake Aftermath – Video

The video from the Miami Herald is the first one I’ve seen that really tells the story of the quake aftermath in Haiti. Your Life: 1) A good place to donate to the cause in Haiti is Samaritan’s Purse…. Read More

Haiti 7.0 Earthquake — Link to Local Missionary Family twitter

The video is from a news broadcast covering the Haiti 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The strength of the quake in combination with building construction practices there have resulted in widespread devastation. 9.7 million people live in Haiti. Your Life:… Read More

Parents Arrested for Home Schooling

OK, so these parents, Richard and Mary Cressy of Glen, NY, didn’t follow the law and register their four home schooled children or their curriculum with the local school district. But having them arrested? Really? Check out the… Read More

Helping the Poor

Just returned from church, Applegate Christian Fellowship, http://www.applegatefellowship.org/ , where I heard a most profound teaching from Matthew 25. The most intriguing part of Pastor Jon Courson’s, http://joncourson.com/ , teaching came when he reached the section of scripture that… Read More

5 Alarm Apartment Fire

My fire department fought a fire last night. It came in around 8pm as a fire in an apartment. When our first engine arrived there was heavy involvement on the first floor with significant extension into the second… Read More

Gilad Shalit

Gilad Shalit — Wow, this video is like something out of a Hollywood movie — only it’s not — it’s real. Seems like the U.S. should help to free this guy. From Wiki: Gilad Shalit (Hebrew: גלעד שליט‎, born… Read More

Keeping Cool

Has anyone seen the story about the off duty police detective who drew his gun at a snowball fight? Check out the video: Sunday night (12/20/09) on 60 minutes I listened to a telephone answering machine message from… Read More

Is Humility Essential to Good Leadership?

Are you a Mom, a Dad, a coach, a boss, an older brother, or an older sister? If you are then believe me when I tell you that you’re a leader. And if you’re a leader it’s worth… Read More

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