If You’re Avoiding God Intentionally, Don’t Read This

How can I find GodSo your faith feels dry. You have no desire to read the bible. And when you do, you read a paragraph and forget what you’ve read, so you read it again–and forget it again. The words on the page just feel lifeless. You find no inspiration in them.

You have no desire to go to church. The effort to get up, get ready, drive to church, and sit for an hour listening to mundane platitudes with a group of people you don’t even know, it just feels pointless.

God doesn’t feel personal, He doesn’t even feel present.

Where is God anyway?

You ask yourself, “Why can’t I find Him?”

Do you want to know why? Do you really want to find Him? Or are you avoiding Him intentionally.

If you’re avoiding Him intentionally then stop reading now.

But if you genuinely want to find Him, if you truly desire His presence, if you really want to get to know Him, there’s an answer. God says to you and God says to me:

“…you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29

Have you done that? Have you tried that? Have you sought after God with everything you have? Have you sought after God with all your heart and all your soul?

If you haven’t, then is it any wonder why you don’t feel His presence? Purpose in your heart to seek after Him with everything you have. Start now. Find every scrap of available time to devote to it. Use every bit of available energy to focus on it.

Seek after Him with all your heart, and with all your soul–and see if you don’t find Him.

If you made that decision, to seek after Him with everything you have, you might want to consider some ways to help you draw closer: 7 Ways to Draw Closer to Christ

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3 Comments on “If You’re Avoiding God Intentionally, Don’t Read This

  1. Absolutely ridiculous that the author would tell ANYONE to stop reading now. Whether intentional or not, your responsibility should be to bring everyone to God. I swear some people just talk, or in this case write, to toot their own horns. Sometimes it’s okay to just shut up, which is what you should’ve done instead of writing this crap. Have you any idea how many people you turned off who might’ve have given their lives to Christ had you acted like a Christian and not like a lunatic?

  2. I love the title of this blog post Kurt 🙂

    This blog post reminded me of something that happened to me recently in ministry. I have a friend of mine who has been serving alongside with me for years. It’s been exposed recently that he’s been having multiple affairs over the last three years.

    Of course I was shocked when I found out the news. It made me think how he could be in ministry and be having these affairs at the same time. I wonder if he was avoiding God.

    • I am so sad to hear that Peter. I think you might be right though. It may be that some can get into such a ministry groove that they sort of go on autopilot. They can appear to be following Christ without actually seeking him with everything they have.

      I pray our Father will protect us from such a fall. And I pray for the healing of your friend, his family, and anyone who was hurt by his actions.

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