God Running

How We Forget God’s Name While We Suffer (and Why That Makes It So Much Worse)

Continuing our series on suffering, in this post we’ll look at how forgetting God’s name contributes to suffering and a crushed spirit. Forgetting God’s Name I’m just going to be frank here. Many times you and I as believers suffer… Read More

If You’re Avoiding God Intentionally, Don’t Read This

So your faith feels dry. You have no desire to read the bible. And when you do, you read a paragraph and forget what you’ve read, so you read it again–and forget it again. The words on the page just… Read More

The Practice of the Presence of God

Remember what I advised you to do: Think about God as often as you can, day and night, in everything you do. He is always with you. Just as you would be rude if you deserted a friend… Read More

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