God Running

How Jesus Asked God to Glorify Jesus (and what that meant for Jesus, and what that means for you and for me)

Mistakes Were Made (my mistakes)

So Very Close (to publishing Love Like Jesus–maybe hours)

Sooooooo very close to finally publishing this book. We may be only hours away. Edit 1/31/2020: Or maybe not. There were formatting problems on Amazon. My mistakes caused these problems. So the release of Love Like Jesus is… Read More

The Ten Most Read Blog Posts of 2019

The Best Person Ever

Dreams and Goals are Great But . . .

The Analytical Perfectionist and the Love of Christ

This Is Success (part 2)

Just a few days ago I posted what I believe to be God’s definition of success. Today I thought I’d take a break from our journey through the Gospel of John and offer my reasons for believing in… Read More

This Is Success

This is success: Loving Jesus well and loving people well (including the stranger).  

What The Spirit Of Truth Shared With Me Personally

The Best Marriage Advice Ever

How To Tell If You’re Growing As A Jesus Follower

–Bob Goff

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